What I did for the weekend

HELLO Everyone, sorry I haven’t been here in a few days, but here’s a video of where I have been. This is Cateract lake on your right & there on the left you’ll see the dam, which is a park to fish at & have cookouts me & a good friend of mine decided to spend the weekend fishing since it’s been like 4 yrs out together.

This is the lake we spent the weekend fishing (on the bank) but all in all it was fun to get out awhile & do some fishing after not been in 4 yrs so if you haven’t been fishing or NEVER been fishing you should go & get the thrill of catching some fish & the fresh air even getting some nice sun for a tan maybe whatever.

Even though he’s not catching the BIG 1 there are some to be caught in this lake as we have caught some in the past ourselves & some GOOD eating too we caught 3 big nice size catfish this weekend & a few bluegills & a carp that I threw back after we were done fishing, I have to say after 4 yrs of staying home it was very fun.

What did you all do this past weekend was it exciting did you enjoy it do you do it every weekend or just now & then? I know being I have my fishing lic now I’ll be doing more just more in the shade now that it’s summer I’d like to share with you a little something about this area we fish in to give you a idea of what it’s all about. Cagles Mill Lake (Lieber Sra) scroll down after you open it for the description area below.

Thank you all for stopping by & checking this out I hope you enjoyed it & maybe even try YOUR luck at fishing.


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