Wet & Cloudy Day with Full Moon Night

Tuesday, April 7, 2020…full moon night… is full moon night. I notice it is still raining, for the past four days. Some videos claim that this full moon with reveal many truths. I just noticed lots of rain for four days, cleansing the earth and hopefully hydrating SoCal’s arid weather.

This is my snapshot of the Spectrum Center lighted ferris wheel as well as the lighted palm trees during winter holiday. it looks like a glowing full moon, spinning and changing.

In this snapshot, the lighted ferris wheel looks like a lovely sunset over SoCal winter and colorful holiday decorations.

A glowing blood moon, shining a bright red reflection over the earth and this bald and faceless mannequin in monochromatic red outfit.

A glowing ultraviolet moon, shining a brightly from overhead to reveal more information.


What do you think?


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