Walking Meetup 9.14.21

Tuesday, 9.14.21

At 6 pm, I walked across the street to the UTC. My neighborhood was quiet, but the UTC was kind of active with people eating their dinner. 16 people showed up for today’s UCI walking meetup. We walked through different areas of the campus, dorms, staff housing, parking lots, alleys, etc. I noticed I walked 4.5 miles 12,072 steps, and 13 floors. (There were a lot of steps on campus). 

I decided to walk back home afterwards. I didn’t feel like eating a snack. I dropped by my mailbox, and noticed that my new checks package have arrived. 

This morning, I walked 2.33 miles on the treadmill. So, I walked 6.83 miles in total. I probably did 7 miles today. 

I heard some people voted to Recall Newsom. I am not even aware of any voting because I am not interested in either side anyway. 


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