Walking During NWO One World Lockdown

Thursday, 5.21.20

In the first snapshot, a monarch butterfly fluttered near my townhouse, and it finally landed on a tree branch nearby. 

In the second snapshot, a lizard ran into the bushes. Can you see it on the mulch? This is like a where’s Wally game.

In the third snapshot, I noticed my two recent plants are growing. The heart-shaped leaves are cute. But I am not sure what this plant is.

Today was a hot day. I felt like doing a mini spa treatment. After showering, I tried one of the facial masks I got from the Forever 21 closing sale. I laid on my bed, and propped my feet upon my full-sized bed’s headboard. I meditated for 30 minutes, just lying there and thinking about nothing. After 30 minutes, I peeled off the mask, which was only on the top part of my face, on my forehead and temples, as well as around the eyes and on top of the nose. Then, I used some of the foot massage cream, which is grainy, and massaged my feet and ankles, before rinsing them in the sink. I now feel fresh. I should do these home spa treatments once a week, especially at my age. I used to do them more when I was in my 20s. 

Then, I took a walk at around 5 pm. It was hot. It was quiet outside. Few people were outside, but no one I know. 


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