Walking at Different Venues

Friday, 9.4.20

Around 1 pm, I decided to go to South Coast Plaza to check if Victoria’s Secret had a sale. When I arrived, I noticed it is still closed and won’t open until Monday. I walked around, browsing inside different stores. I noticed that there is a new LV and Tiffanys stores, and they are much bigger than before. I walked to the Metropointe, across the street, and just browsed in outlets. It was warm today, but there was still a breeze. After an hour or two, I decided to go home. After I ate a salad and fruit, I felt like taking a nap. It is probably the weather. 

At 5:30 pm, I drove to the walking meetup. Someone mentioned that Mother’s Market filed bankruptcy. That is one of the grocery stores I shop a lot, besides Trader Joes and Wholesome Choice. I arrived home feeling listless. I drank a cup of water and I felt better. 

I think I walked a lot today, even though I don’t have my iphone right now. I am estimating I walked around 7 miles. 


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