Walking Around

Friday, 7.10.20

I went to the Woodbridge walking meetup. Only 5 women showed up. It was very sunny outside at 6 pm. At least, I got my Vitamin D. No one wanted to walk the 2nd lake. They were all very slow. I was way ahead of them. I could have walked the other one, but I didn’t want to walk alone. So, I drove home at around 6:50pm. 

I drank some Spearmint herb tea and ate some stove-popped popcorn. 

I noticed on my iPhone that I walked 3 miles and 6,346 steps.

I need to walk in the mall or around the mall this weekend. I will go on my own because I walk more than others as well as faster. It is frustrating to walk with slow people. They drag you down. 


What do you think?


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