US eliminates joint military training plan with Pakistan

Washington: The trump administration quit the Pakistani officers training quietly eliminating many mutual training and educational projects.Which had a strong military relationship between the two countries for more than a decade.

This kind of step has never been raised by the US administration, However, this year, it could be considered in the context of these steps of President Trump. In which he announced to end US security support by not Pakistan’s crackdown against more extremists.

Although the Pakistan military and Pentagon did not directly comment on it ,But officials of both countries have criticized the decision on a personal level.According to them, this disturbing decision is very harmful to the confidence of the two countries. Pakistani officers have warned about this decision, That Pakistan can refer to China and Russia for military leader ship training.

On the other hand, US State Department’s Spokesperson has said that, 66 Pakistani officers to train this year under the International Military Education and Training Program (IMET) for Pakistan, and now that opportunity is being over, and these opportunities will not be used either or provided to another country.

Danfield man , a former US representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, described this step as ‘very narrow ideology’ and has called it the negative impact on the future of the two countries.

A US Department of Foreign Affairs told source Reuters on condition of not to be named that IME Cancellation Price is $ 24 million, and this will affect two more projects. Now it is unclear that how high level relations do American and Pakistani military officials live with IME.

It is fact that Pakistan and US military cooperation have always been free of political pressure and relations. In US military college in Pennsylvania, 37 Pakistani military officers have also studied including DGISI, But this year, no Pakistani military officer is included in his list.

On the other hand, Pakistani Senator Mushahid Hussein Syed, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee head in the Senate, said this move is a rival and unconstitutional, he added Russia and Pakistan have signed a military training agreement this week, Under which Pakistan military officers will be trained in Russian institutions.


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