Twilight Saga movies review

Sunday, 4.2.21

Today, I mostly watched the Twilight Sage on the indie channel. It includes Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon, Breaking Dawn part 1 and Breaking Dawn part 2. It is a Young Adult Fantasy movie series. It is about a love story between a vampire guy Edward and a human girl Bella, and it starts in high school when they meet and fall in love. It was also kind of emotional, from their wedding to giving birth to their daughter, who is a mortal, and Bella changes into a vampire after she gives birth. There are clashes between the vampires, wolves or werewolves, and humans. The immortal vampires and the native wolves don’t like humans. There is also a lot of fight scenes in a war-like manner between groups. It is filled with action. I also noticed a lot of it looks CGI. It was an entertaining movie, especially for young adults. 

Familiar actors in this movie included Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, and Rami Malik. But there are many other actors, as well, such as Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, and Nikki Reed.


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