TrumpLand – a film by Michael Moore

Film – TrumpLand.



Narrated by – Michael Moore

October 18, 2016

Running time – 73 minutes

Country                – United States

Box office            $149,090

It’s fair to say the rather smug and fat faced lefty Michael Moore irritates people as much as he is celebrated by others. His pseudo socialism in films and books has made him a very wealthy capitalist with nine properties to his name. Including a six million pad in Manhattan and a nice two million dollar home on Lake Michigan, only a recent divorce bring that to public record, and halving that portfolio and some. Even Al ‘stop global warming ‘Gore doesn’t have that many homes. Preaching anti capitalism socialism is very profitable.


Michael Moore in TrumpLand is a documentary film by Moore about the 2016 United States presidential election campaign and released at the fag-end of that campaign before the unthinkable happened.This movie got the idea from  a one-person show that Moore originally wanted to perform in Midland Theatre in Newark, Ohio. It was just a week before the big vote but management of the Midland Theatre chose not to honour a rental contract when they found out who booked it, eventually holding the show at the Murphy Theatre in Wilmington. As you would expect it’s an unashamed polemic against Trump and his Republican supporters although he did invite Trump voters to the show, of which some took up the offer. You can see them seething in the audience throughout. Good job they didn’t bring any guns.

-The show-

So it’s as chubby as ever Michael Moore under his signature cap up on stage all on his own in front of a theatre audience for the duration of the show with some props and big screen to break up his left wing eulogy. The audience are mostly white and the college educated middle class and guffaw away to his anti Republican rhetoric and observations. Even the Republicans laugh at some of the jokes although one or two older white men remain straight faced and agitated. To wind up the GOP some more the Muslims invited to the show get their own section in the theater watched by a drone on high and the Mexicans are behind a cardboard wall during the show.

More does, however, sympathies some with the type of people who he thinks will vote for Trump and the reason why they would in his show. His home state of Michigan saw lot of jobs lost to globalization and they are white and black who lost those jobs, Detroit Americas largest gravestone to that.



As ever with Moore – and the left – they pick apart the negatives of the right and the Republicans but ignore negatives they won’t address, like very high levels of black gun and knife crime in America and problems caused by immigration. Moore made a great film about gun crime in the 1990s but didn’t want to discuss in that film that most gun crime is done by young black men, why Canada’s gun crime is so low, and an inconvenient truth if you like.

The show is two nights welded together and it appears the edgier stuff against Trump had been cut. There are election rules around what you can say near an election. The big man does plead with his audience to vote Hillary though, as you would expect, a woman he clearly has a crush on but admits he has never voted for. He does nibble at her negatives (promoted by the Republicans in the audience) but washes over them with jokes and distraction. This is not the kick Hillary show

For me as a British onlooker the main reason that Trump ran for The White House is because President Obama made a very public mug of him at one of those press dinners at the big house and he has never forgotten it, a black man getting the better of him. The only way he could take revenge was to be the president and dismantle everything Obama did in The White House, exactly what he is doing. Michael Moore could not stop that and he could not stop half of the country who probably has similar feeling on blacks and Latinos voting the same way. As Trump funded his own campaign he could say what he wanted with no censure. What voter wouldn’t love that from their man. Hillary’s campaign seemed to be that she is woman and that’s about it…it’s a woman’s turn.


-Any Good-

It’s funny and emotive at times and a decent watch. If you voted Trump then it may not be for you. It is very much about Moore’s quest for lefthood hagiography than a balanced film and a polemic certainly comes to mind. I think the right are frustrated the most when the liberal left like him lazily call them racist and bigots when they mention America’s problems and the left always have that moral advantage.  But as a standalone film I enjoyed it and although a decreasing fan of Moore over the years as his waste got as unashamedly fat as his pay packet he does have something to say and the foghorn to deliver it.


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