Took a Saturday Stroll….

Saturday, 7.31.21

Today, I realized that I need to buy new bra clasps for my gym bra because the old ones are rusted and breaking, although the bra is still good. I walked across the street to the UTC in order to check inside some stores. There weren’t any. I didn’t think they would have any. I probably need to go to Michaels or Joanns. The weather was nice. So, I continued walking in my neighborhood until I arrived home. 

The UTC area looks active with people hanging out and eating.

I walked only 1.3 miles and 3,852 steps.  

I continue to watch the Summer Olympics. It was a family tradition since my parents were alive. We used to watch the olympics. I was mostly into synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics, as well as figure skating and skiing, and sometimes other winter sports. 


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