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The Final Wish Movie Review, 2018

Despite the banality and simplicity of the plot, although to some extent it is original, I liked the movie. Yes, it was predictable, not scary, although the scene in the cafe horrified me a little, still, I found something in this film and I managed to have a good time.

The film clearly lacked dynamics. There were few, very few quick actions. However, it turned out pretty good detective line, and love line was there too, even quite interesting. Actually, I would not call this film a horror film, rather a mystical drama. Film action proceeded slowly, throwing up important events very reluctantly.

I liked how the music was chosen. It gets into moments of surprise with sudden drops and there is a feeling of being yourself in this scenario. The plot itself was a bit original. Its originality is that the main character does not understand what is happening for the half movie. That is, we have been in the unknown for a long time – is it mysticism or just luck.

The place of the film is also quite standard – a small town, with its past for the main character. I would also like to mention the work of the operator, who, in simple moments made a mess, but in intense scenes, he just masterfully shot the episodes.

The film starred 2 actors, which are closely related to American horror. First, it is Lin Shay. Actress of 75 years! But she with an enviable constancy is performing in various horror movies. It deserves respect, you can quite call her the queen of horrors, well, or at least a horror grandmother. To her game, I have no complaints –  as always, she played mysteriously and wonderfully.

Also, a small role was played by Tony Todd. The rest of the actors are unfamiliar to me, but for the most part, there is nothing to complain about either, except that the main character was a little failing.

It was quite entertaining enough, but it would be possible to make a film brighter since it is a little grayish.

As a result, we have a rather simple film at first glance, but in its own way, it is special. Of course, the film does not leave any great impressions, because after watching it, you gradually start to forget what the film is about. And I love movies that are impossible to forget.

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