The Car Adventure

Wednesday, 4.22.20

The weather today was nice. It was warm, sunny and inviting that I stayed out all day. First, I decided to go for a bike ride. I just rode my huffy around my neighborhood and across the street. I didn’t really have anywhere to go. When I returned home, I decided to go for a walk in my neighborhood. I ran into a neighbor, and he looked bored. So, we went driving around in his car. We stopped by at Trader Joes. Then, we ended up at the cemetery where my parents’ are buried. So, we walked around in the cemetery, reading the names on the tombstone plates. I ran into my parents’ plot. They were buried on top of each other. I forgot the prayer that I was supposed to say when I go to the cemetery because I didn’t plan to go to the cemetery today. I didn’t even have flowers. My neighbor decided to pick some flowers from the cemetery bushes, just 2, and put it in their gravestone vase. I took a snapshot. Then, we drove back home. We stopped at the Trader Joes by our townhouse association. There were no lines, and the store was stocked up. He bought a couple of items. I didn’t need anything. (I didn’t have my wallet with me anyway). I arrived home at 7pm, but it felt like 5 pm. 

Today was very spontaneous. Riding my bike, walking around, then I went on a car ride toward the coastal area, and ended up at the cemetery. Hung out with my late parents for a couple of minutes. 


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