Summer Music Festivals

Tuesday, 7.28.20

I woke up today to get ready for morning yoga at the park. After feeding Gumby, making my own breakfast and eating, and then changing my clothes, I turned on my computer because I had one hour to surf. I entered IMVU, noticing July 23rd -25th was Virtual Music Festival. Last week, I had decorated a Yoworld Music Festival Scene, filled with colorful neon lights and party celebration environment. I remember a couple of summers ago, during August, which was also around my birthday week, I had attended a local music festival at the outdoor mall, where Canadian artist Alessia Cara was performing. I wasn’t familiar with her, but I thought she was good. It is interesting that during every summer, there is some kind of music festival being promoted, whether in real life or internet life. I missed this year’s IMVU Virtual Music Festival. 


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