Staying Active & Productive…

Monday, 2.1.21 or 2121

I woke up 10:30 am and did my usual morning routine. By noon, I realized it was too late for me to go to the gym. I wanted to go earlier, around 9am or 10am, similar to go to yoga meetups. So, I have to sleep earlier so I can wake up earlier. I watched mostly youtube videos of the NYC blizzard. There is lots of snow there now, and it is still snowing. While on Youtube, I created 2 playlist for workout, Footloose soundtrack and Flashdance soundtrack. I never liked these two movies. They were lame. But I did like the songs in these movies. They have good beat for personal workouts. At 4 pm, I decided to walk around in my neighborhood with my iPhone. I listened to the Footloose soundtrack while walking around the area. I ended up walking 3.3 miles  and 7,118 steps. I noticed it is starting to get dark at a later time, around 5:45pm. Springtime is just around the corner, although I am enjoying California cold winter, coziness, blankets, and pillows, as well as French hot cacao drink with vegan mini marshmallows, Matcha green tea latte drinks, warm cozy clothes, and my electric blanket.

I am trying to stay active since the start of the new year. I guess that is my new year’s resolution–stay active and productive–with walking a lot, gym, riding bicycle, and whatever else that unexpectedly comes up…

I also need to finish working on my 3rd novel. I am currently working on editing it so I can come up with an appropriate conclusion. 


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