Star Trek Discovery – Off the Grid – 7

When one is not in the ‘backroom’, as it can be called; that is the place where decisions are made,  explanations should not be attempted.

It was clear, from the firing of the two show runners, that something was not right in the ‘backroom’ of Star Trek Discovery.   

The direction the show was taking was not acceptable, and so, those who were ‘in charge’ were fired.

That is a fact.   It can not be disputed.

The introduction of two familiar characters, Captain Pike and Spock, who behaved exactly as they were expected to was an obvious attempt to return to canon.  

The comments of fans, real fans,  was positive.

Those who clung to the 1st season of STD had to perceive the changes.   

The lead character became more ‘human’ showed compassion, cried.   In the first season, that character was colder than ice, more disaffected than a table top.  Yet, they ignored the realities.

This kind of behaviour, of refusing to recognise when one is wrong, is not specific to television programs, but fills society.

It is the defense of what one need not defend.

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