Star Trek Discovery – Off the Grid – 3

Whether those who created STD (Star Trek Discovery)  ever watched an episode of Star Trek or have any idea of the core features, has become a centrepoint.

To give an example;  if you had watched TOS (the original series)  and then TNG (the next generation)  you would have no problem identifying the character’s standards, their positions, their goals, etc.  

This is because having seen TOS we knew what to expect.  We knew the relationships between the crew members, how they saw adversity, the way they thought.

Deep Space 9, a stationary space station, retained the relationships between the Captain and the crew and those who lived and worked or visited the Station.

In short, these series, as well as Voyager and Enterprise, matched themselves to the ideals of the creator, Gene Roddenberry.

The movies, with the original casts, did as well.

Discovery DID NOT.


What do you think?

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