Something outta nothing

Hello everyone  I have not been on in a while and I missed everyone.  Just been dealing  with some issues  that are still going on and still in the process  of fixing  them.  So we moved  into a smaller  place and come to find out I like this place better then my other place. Still dealing  with roommates. And now my roommate  don’t have a job and thinks that he can get things for nothing and  can come in when ever he wants. He don’t clean after himself and don’t help around the house that much but leaves all the lights  on and leaves the house . I’m like you are not paying  bills. You don’t even have a job what gives you the right to leave stuff on his remarks are it’s not my house  so I don’t have to do crap.  He keeps coming  back and he can’t be trusted  o and BTW he’s 19 and he wants a key I told him no way! What do you think  I should  do I kicked him out before because of same crap.


What do you think?