Today’s My Birthday!!

What’s up everyone I have not wrote anything in a while so I’m writing now. I hope this Birthday is a good one it’s my #big40! I thank all my Followers and friends for getting me this far and I hope I get to see lots and lots more because I have so much going on and such small time. I will try to write more.

What do you think?

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  1. Happy Birthday! Believe the next ten years will be a whirlwind hopefully all full of fun and inspiration. I can tell you what I have learned. First and foremost never stop being a child at heart, tell people who ask you never grew up and keep the imagination going and stay crazy through all your years. It not only helps with writing but makes your journey through life more enjoyable. When I was 16 I was overjoyed, at 20 I never looked back and at 30 I was cautious and saw those shadows growing longer. Now I have come through many more years but have not grown old, always young, a child and still crazy after all these years and proud of it. Hope your birthday celebration is a blast.

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