Some Hearts Are Diamonds

Chris Norman began his career as the lead singer for a popular English glam rock band Smokie who were popular in the 1970s. Afterwards, he began his solo career and became a well known English soft rock singer.

Chris Norman’s career really took off in 1986 with the hit song “Midnight Lady”. This became a hit all over Europe and rose up on the charts to number one in Germany and stayed there for six weeks. This followed a string of hits like “Some Hearts Are Diamonds”, “No Arms Can Ever Hold You”, “Broken Heroes”, “Fearless Hearts”, “Sarah”, and “Baby I Miss You”. He was honored by CMT Europe as “International Video Star of the Year” in 1994.

Today he continues to record and perform all over the world gathering up many more fans along the way.  He released a new album in 2015 Crossover.


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