Soap Opera – 3

It was this quirk of actors on Soap Operas why Paula  was still there. If they hadn’t left she would probably have completed the  role of Frankie in a month or two, been written out, and  gone into some other profession.

It was the departure of other actors, the ending of other characters why her role of ‘Freddie’ had lasted so long.

Acting had never been in Paula’s portfolio.  

She had been looking for a job.  Told about the role by a friend she tried. Paula had just graduated High School and was thinking in the realm of typist/clerk/receptionist.  

However,  they needed someone like her to do a kind of filler role.

There was a lot of interest in a particular character, Mellisa, a rebellious teenager. ‘Freddie’   was a friend of her’s.  A boring, “Don’t do that!”  kind of friend.

The actress who played Mellisa was offered a further contract but decided to leave the series.  

This meant the only teenaged girl on the show would be Freddie.


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