Should’ve Known Better Book Review

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Sara, a math geek, has landed the job of her dreams. As an advisor for a hockey team. Sebastian couldn’t believe his luck to have been included in a great hockey team and prays to prove himself. He would love a better spot on the team. The two meet and they find their attraction for each other strong and undeniable. Can they resist the urges or are they doomed to give in and potentially lose their careers with the team?

Normally stories like this make me roll my eyes. One character or the other (or both) are being really stupid. Not this book though. The plot was really amazing. I do wish certain scenes had been played out a bit more, but the story itself was amazing. I loved it! I was surprised I loved it honestly!

It’s really hard not to fall for the characters in this story. They are so amazing! I found that I really related to Sara. I mean I’m not a genius like she is, but her personality is almost like mine. She’s sweet and dedicated. She’s so selfless. I just adored her. And Sebastion and Rob are so hilarious! Especially in conversations together!

This book was so witty and charming. It also had a slight dark and suspenseful undertone. It wasn’t so horrible, though. I really enjoyed it. I totally fell in love with the characters. I was rooting for every single one of them and only wanted to see the best for each and every one of them no matter what the income!

There’s not really anything at all I can say I didn’t like about this book. I wish some things had been explained out more. I also wish some scenes had been played out more as well. I would have liked to see some of the things that were kind of rushed over drawn out a little more as well. Other than that, there really wasn’t anything wrong. I loved it!

It’s really easy to give this book a full star rating. It was just such a good book. When I started it, I thought it would be the normal cliche forbidden romance type thing. I was wrong. I’m glad I was wrong though. It was a great and very unique romance novel. I even learned things about hockey I didn’t know about before reading this! I fully recommend this book! It was such an amazing book!


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