Searching For Sugarman Soundtrack by Sixto Rodriguez

Monday, October 09, 2017

While on YouTube, checking out different videos, I stumbled upon the full soundtrack for the documentary–Searching for Sugar Man– which is about Sixto Rodriguez, a Mexican-American singer from Detroit, Michigan. I like his songs because they sound like indie music. He is like a folk singer who sings political songs that exposes the truth about society and how American society is being destroyed by the Zionist government. It is no wonder that he prefers to live a very modest and simple life, preferring his income to mostly come from various blue collared jobs. Whatever he does make from his music, he gives most of it to family and friends.

I have watched other videos about him, and something about Sixto reminds me of Che, or Ernesto Guevara, because they were both political activists, but Sixto was more of an artist as well as an American, fighting for blue collared workers, while Che was an Argentinian revolutionary fighting for Latino rights against the Zionist government, imperialism, and colonialism. But both fought for poor people‘s rights because the poor suffered the most in North America and South America.


What do you think?