Riding My Huffy on Mild Feb Afternoon

Wednesday, 2.26.20

At around 5 pm, I decided to go for a bike ride, since the weather was still nice. I didn’t know where to go. So, I just mostly went in my neighborhood, through UTC, past Trader Joes and Mini Target, and by Albertsons, Chase Bank, and Starbucks.The weather was mild and it was a peaceful ride, as I returned toward my home, going on a slightly different route. I decided to ride on the sidewalks because there were a lot of cars. I also walked my bicycle across the street, to be safe. As soon as I arrived at my townhouse door, I noticed it is still light, and a little after 6 pm. I might need to pump my tires next time I go cycling because I felt a little tired. But, unfortunately, my iphone doesn’t count how many miles I rode my bicycle. So, I am guessing it probably was around 2 miles roundtrip. 


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