Questionable Tent Hospital in NYC 4.30.20

Saturday, May 2, 2020

He is talking with a staff member about this tent hospital. The woman says someone brings them food. I notice lots of tweeting birds and some sneaky squirrels in the background. They mention the ship is gone. Under this video, it is noted that there wasn’t any ambulance at this Central Park tent hospital. People just ate, prayed, and sang together. Another woman joins them. Second woman has a baby or two. Someone inside the tent has a guitar. The gray squirrel is cute, running out from between a rock and long grass, and running across the park.  Lunch break is over, as they scurry, like a confused squirrel, back to the other covered tents. But some remain behind, huddled together, chatting and loitering. It appears their shift might be over because some are carrying their backpack and tote, maybe waiting for a bus or their ride. Fire engine or ambulance siren in the background. InstaCare Ambulance goes by. It appears to be windy. A cute bird sits on a branch, watching everything, as it pecks the tree branch. Is that Woody Woodpecker? Woody is now picking through the wood chips for food. Two fire engines with sirens go by. Another quiet day, meditating in Central Park, NYC.


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  1. Looks like EVERYTHING is in place and in order– ready and prepared. These good first responders still have their jobs. Only, there are not millions of people, as media predicted, sick and dying of CV.

    Unless, the media hires actors to fill up these tent-hospitals to make it look like that CV has been plaguing the world in real time and real space.

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