Profile on Kevin Spacey: a case study analysis

Friday, January 24, 2020

This video is a profile on Kevin Spacey. Kevin Spacey’s real name is Kevin Fowler. His father was a Nazi, a member of the American Nazi Party.  Kevin and his brother Randy experienced a traumatic and dark background of abuse by their father. Randy was whipped and raped by his father since he was 14, while Kevin became empty and had abandonment issues, probably due to the same abuse and neglect, which lead him to acting as a form of escape from his dark past. Even though Kevin was also abused by their father, Randy tried to protect him his little brother Kevin, but Kevin still ended up into the same dark path as their father.  Randy looks like Rod Stewart, probably because he is a Rod Stewart impersonator as well as limo driver.  Wow, Kevin is following in his father’s footsteps. They both use different forms of acting for an escape from their dark past. Randy doesn’t want any kids because he fears he might do the same thing to his kids.

In the video, Kevin holds a mug with Westminster Abbey logo, which has ties to Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilia ring. Kevin Spacey later came out gay, which isn’t surprising.

Kevin Spacey does videos on Christmas Eve, which is the anniversary of his father’s death in 1992. 


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