Priyanka Chopra told the reason of love for Nick Jonas

Ex Beauty Queen of the world Priyanka Chopra, The heart beats of million people, is now becoming the queen of American singer Nick Jonas. However, Priyanka has now said about what what impress her of Nick Jonas.

Priyanka said, “I wanted to make such a person my favorite and partner, which respects me and my work.” and , understand my hard work and the success that I have achieved in many years. Honor and trust is very important to maintain any relationship.

The ex- Beauty Queen said, “I wanted the person involved in my life have thinking, that If his work is necessary then my work is also necessary. and more important is the ideology for him and same time my opinion should equally important, and this is the honor that is given to each other. Nick Jonas has all these qualities and that the reason I am going to marry him.

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