President Donald Trump set a record of 5000 lying. Washington Post

The American newspaper Washington Post article against President Donald Trump has picked boom all over the united states. According to the article, the trump in power has reached 601 days, during which he lied over 5,000 times on different occasions.

Donald Trump lied 32 times daily at the ratio 4.9 % in the first 100 days of taking the oath It also includes the statement on social media and U-tern from own statements and during his election campaign, he used to lie for taking a vote.

According to the newspaper, Trump spoke most false lies at a time during the September 7 meeting with American journalists,In the 120-minute meeting, he made 125 lies, While one day before he addressed a state in Montana, lied 74 time.

US President Donald Trump acknowledged Russia’s interference in presidential elections But President Trump ¬†said in a meeting with Putin and said that Russia did not interfere. On this he was criticized , he once again changed the position and said that Russia intervened.

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