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Peter Heckmann – Momentum – from the album Interpretations

I am slowly resurrecting my old project The Raining Heart, which I actually started in 1986 (after my time as bass player for the German NDW band Lusthansa).

Over the last thirty+ years, I always added some new material – kept it tucked away … for later use … now I began to release / re-release some of these tracks… and here is one of those tracks.

About this video: it is a music video demo featuring a (fairly) new track from my album “The Raining Heart – Interpretations – feat. Yucca Rose“.

Music Title: Momentum – a dark and moody experimental soundscape featuring free voicings by Yucca Rose and an improvised piano solo by the renowned Indonesian pianist M. Ade Irawan.

Graphics/Video: The visuals consist of original kaleidoscoped graphics from my art collection, which intensify the darkness of the track with a suitable psychedelic energy and at times beautiful, yet unsettling anxiety.

Notes: The song material was explicitely left raw and unpolished to preserve the intense mood of the (mostly) live recording from 2013.

The track is available at:…


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Written by Peter Heckmann

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