Perception – Kilimanjaro: Part 1

“Kilimanjaro” is episode eight of season one of Perception. Daniel is giving a lecture on how bad you want it. Whatever it is. That ambition drives everyone. Success is the ability to stay focussed on a task. Selecting one student who has fallen asleep in class. Daniel concludes the lecture by saying that Lewicki’s ambition is to read all their midterm papers tonight. That night Lewicki complains that most of them haven’t even used spell-check. Daniel tells him that every once a while a student can surprise you. Lewicki tells him that Ryan Cahill, the student who fell asleep, has written a pretty good paper.

Too good, Daniel tells Dean Haley, and says that Cahill has been plagiarising. Cahill is a star athlete and Daniel thinks the other professors have been going easy on him because of it. Haley tells him that Cahill brings in a lot of money for the place. Then gets a phone call and tells Daniel that something has come up. What could be more important than a scandal about cheating on campus? A campus murder.

Kate is with Michael Hathaway and the two are getting on. She seems to like him, but also be a bit withdrawn. Contradictory behaviour. When Kate’s phone rings, she seems almost pleased, and answers it, telling Hathaway that she has to go.

Kate doesn’t want to talk about Hathaway to Daniel or the dean. The victim is a junior called Christina Lake who was found in her dorm room, dead of a broken neck. Kate says that this is more of a CPD case than FBI. Hayley wants to send a message to parents and alumni that they are doing all they can to keep the campus safe. Kate doesn’t think her boss will be that happy, because it isn’t a federal issue. Then said boss calls. It seems Daniel called Reardon first and, well, provided her with an incentive.

In the dorm, Kate is telling that Daniel isn’t involved in this case when a student looks at him. Daniel tells Kate that a student hasn’t been showing up at class and he’d presumed he was sick, but he was well enough for a night out. Daniel isn’t going to let that distract him from the investigation though.

The girl whose room is underneath that of Christina says that she could hear everything and Christina would play her music at full volume. Others says that Christina had tons of friends and recently dumped her boyfriend, Billy Mitchell, and they were arguing in the dorm that night. Billy is currently at Christina’s vigil and, when Kate confronts him, of course he runs. And gets caught.

To be continued…


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