Perception – Asylum: Part 2

“Asylum” is episode eight of season two of Perception and this article continues where the previous one left off. Which is how Daniel ended up being committed. Something Natalie thinks is a bad idea, mentioning a doctor who did something similar and ended up stuck for two months because nobody believed him. After all, institutionalised people make all sorts of claims. Daniel is given medication – which he doesn’t swallow – and is then taken to group therapy. Where he starts seeing an older man next to him, who comments on the therapy. Daniel asks him who he thinks he is, Sigmund Freud? That would be yes. Daniel brings up the murder during therapy, causing a commotion, so that he could slip away and meet with a state inspector. However, Dr Poole catches on and knows who Daniel is. It’s hard pretending to be someone else when people have books with your photo on them.

Dr Poole knows the real reason Daniel didn’t give his name. He’s had a relapse and is worried about his career. Yes… let’s go with that. Poole asked the inspector to come, to show how Jerseyville has improved over the years. During a painting class, another patient, Zoey, asks who Daniel is talking to – Freud is analysing Daniel’s painting. Zoey is a fan of Freud – unlike Daniel – and wants him to critique her work. Which is a rather disturbing self-portrait. Freud considers her to be troubled. Zoey is also a friend of Erica’s.

That night, one of the other patients, Virgil – after Zoey has done a good impression of Daniel and the staff – brings up talk about how, in the 1980s, there was a man who had a special way of dealing with patients that were not cooperative. By drilling holes in their heads. The man disappeared, but some believe he simply moved to the basement. Zoey is rather upset; it seems she has seen this individual.

So, Daniel is in a psychiatric institution, probably along with a murderer. What could possibly go wrong with that? Well, the obvious to start with. Kate, meanwhile, is looking after her father’s bar whilst he is away for a couple of nights. Donnie comes in and mentions that Daniel is working with Reuben. And, later, as Kate is getting overwhelmed and appears to be about to go for a customer, helps her out. Which seems to improve their relationship.

The whole murder was to done to remove a, non-existent, witness to another crime.


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