One cartoon series that needs to be rebooted

Recently I answered a question on on which cartoon needs to be rebooted or star a new series of adventures of the members of the D C Universe roster, I came to the conclusion that the “Superman: Animated Series” that ran of WB Kids from 1996-2000 needs a reboot or at least his challenges after the ending of the animated series.

The reason I would like to see “Superman: The Animated Series” get a fresh start is because the studio decided to end the cartoon series with the two part episode named “Legacy” when Superman was brainwashed by Darkseid that he was adopted by the evil ruler instead of being adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent when the spaceship that left the planet Krypton fell in the farming town of Smallville Kansas.

What made the story interesting was that Superman had turned rogue and led an army from Akopolips which was ready to do his “father’s will” when his cousin Supergirl tried to talk some sense to her cousin before both of them were captured by Lex Luthor as well as help from the U S Armed Forces who used Kryptonite on both aliens.

The story had a sour taste in my mouth since Superman did come to his senses and realized he was duped by Darkseid, they had an epic battle that ended with Superman beating his rival in his home planet in Akopolis but the people in that planet worshipped the Devil they knew and not Superman who attempted to play the role of a freedom fighter.

It would be nice for the writers of this cartoon series to at least show the events how Superman had to overcome the negative reviews from the majority of the people in Metropolis that he is going to be their strongman once again after making a bad error in judgement.

But then again thank goodness for sites like Archive Of Our Own where the story would continue in a fan fiction called “Superman ‘Hires’ A Public Relations Agent” who is Jacqueline Moreno who is the heel wrestler “The Lady Raider” who is an alien from Lexicon who will deflect the heat aimed at our favorite hero since in her own words “I am the dirtiest player in the game.'” You can call her a female Ric Flair without the playboy image.

The funny thing is that the writers of that episode admitted on a DVD interview that the show was supposed to be the first show of the final season of “Superman: The Animated Series.” I sense that they were winking at the audience when Paul Dini who was a writer of the cartoon made that comment.

What do you think?

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  1. Paul said at the end of the interview on the DVD that Superman would lead the Justice League series. I am working on a fan fiction on Archive of Our Own called “Superman ‘hires’ a personal public relations agent who is heel female wrestler The Lady Raider.

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