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Monday, 5.11.20

This morning, I woked up early and watched a foreign documentary on the independent channel. It describes the harsh life of radical extremists, living in a worn-torn society of rubble and ruins. It looks like a battlefield area, which looks like Syria. Young boys are treated harshly at a young age in order to train them for combative life. They become aggressive at a young age, often picking fights with other boys as well as killing small animals. By twelve and thirteen, they are sent to military camp, where they are giving camouflage outfits and black hoodie head mask. Most die, but some might survive, although some might become handicapped, like any soldier fighting in a war. 

It looks like people who have given up hope under the Zionist regime, and they are fight back because they have nothing to live for but fight. It is sad and depressing to watch. 

#1 Of Fathers and Sons – Official Trailer

Of Fathers and Sons is a documentary film about the warzone in Syria. I decided to watch this documentary on the indie channel this morning. It was a foreign film with English subtitles. It is about radical extremists. They train their sons at around 12 years old in a military camp with masks to fight others.

They were taught to kill and fight at a young age to prepare them for military camp when they are old enough, which is around 12 years old.

#3 Interviewing filmmaker Talal Derki

Filmmaker Talal Derki is interviewed about the movie, Of Father and Sons, that he wrote and directed. It has won awards in the Sundance Film Festival in 2018. He filmed the documentary secretly, going undercover with his crew in Syria. His crew is him and the cameraman, a small movie crew so they are able to blend in, as they film scenes undercover. This shot this film for 330 days of realtime film. (That sounds like doing iPhone short films).

Talal Derki is Kurdish from Damascus, Syria.


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