October 2020 Summary

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Permanent societal changes going to happen. By permanent, it will be for around 80-90 years. Energy of number 5 is important in October. This month will be a life-changing month. Focus on your truth and individuality to move forward in life. A time for change and transformation. Society will heal from any transgressions. Big changes in government and perception. People will face uncomfortable situations. Many people will feel they aren’t getting anywhere. Current Spiritual War affects people’s life. Everyone needs to make a difference in this world. People need to think on their own and do their research instead of following the masses.

 I have a feeling she saw something bad or scary for October, and she couldn’t continue doing it. She decided to quit doing prediction videos. Her predictions were interesting.

It is a full moon night, and many people tend to get emotional during a full moon. I didn’t experience anything today.

Summary of debate: Trump appeared to care about America, while Biden doesn’t give a fuck about America. Trump is against the New World Order, and he is currently working to stop the New World Order and One World Government. The Zionists are using the Cornyflu to implement the New World Order. Zionist-occupied media is full of bullshit. Zionists are doing mental slavery on the world to control everyone with all this cornyflu, muzzles, vaccines, microchipping, and etc, under One World Govt in Israel. Trump is exposing the truth. Many people are becoming right-wing Republicans because they don’t want to vote for Biden/Harris. Many gays support Trump.

There won’t be a WW3 because it will bring an extinction of humanity.

Bill Gates will not succeed with his vaccinations.

People in Florida are to free to do what they want. But California appears to be going downhill with tyranny and restrictions.

Trump is hated because he is a billionaire, and he cannot be bought. He is trying to do his own thing with his own money.

Mouthy Buddha exposed Tom Hanks’s pedophilia.  Lifting The Veil also exposes the truth.

MJ wasn’t a pedophile. He wanted to expose the truth, and they attacked him to silence him until they finally killed him.

Beyonce worships dark entities, and she sacrificed many for her career.

Cornyflu plandemic is about resetting the economic system. Lots of doctors lied about the number of patients who got it to make more money. It was exaggerated to make it appear that more died or even had it.


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