Nice Day for a Bike Ride

Tuesday, 4.14.20

After I made some steam veggies today, I noticed the knob on top of the glass lid fell off. I inspected, and I wasn’t was what was keeping it together. So, I decided to go to Ace Hardware to buy a screw. While at Ace, I remembered to buy a small bag of wild birdfeed, and a wooden birdfeeder. I returned home and realized the screw was too short. So, I went back, and the man gave me two of the next longest. The medium-sized screw fit perfect, when I screw it on the glass lid. I filled the birdfeeder, the new one, and two old ones. I empty the one with nectar because it looked dirty inside. They didn’t even touch it. Usually, the finish it within two weeks. I cleaned it and placed new nectar inside. Then, around 5:45 pm, I decided to ride my Huffy in the area. It was a nice sunny day. As I rode my bicycle, I noticed more people were outside, enjoying the weather, but it wasn’t crowded. Lots of people riding bicycles and walking, as well as little kids on scooters.

I rode my bicycle on a different route to the UTC area. I decided to go through the parking lots since there were few cars parked. I noticed some people were eating takeout by their car–the new hangout…

I rode full circle around UTC, and towards my townhomes area. There were also some dog walkers and families enjoying their day. I dropped by my mailbox to pick up junkmail before going home. I think I only rode for 30 minutes, but I didn’t know where else to go. 

I probably rode 2 miles. 


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