New Moon & Solar Eclipse for 4.30.22

Friday, April 29, 2022

Full Moon was on April 16th, which was on a Saturday.

Friday is Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn until October 6th.  Your life will tend to slow down or go backwards to how your life was in 2004.

Saturday, April 30th, is Solar Eclipse in Taurus and New Moon; positive changes in love and good things. Opportunity will come forward, and you should grab it because it represents an opportunity for change or to change your life. Change whatever you want to change with your life.  Earth Sign allows people to build and change improve life. It is a great time to improve things you want to do and achieve.

It appears the crap in 2020 (Mars in 2020) will continue until 2023. Mars has to do with taking action. Connect with the spiritual world for inspiration. Go after what you want to achieve in life.

Saturn has to do to the pressure placed on people since 2020—all the crap, which has to do with obstacles to overcome. It has to do with the situation happened worldwide. Slow down and review your ambitions in order to make the appropriate changes for progress and positive results.

Wait and prepare for the aftermath, which will be in 2023.

As Saturn leaves slowly, gradually life will improve and be better, and many people will start having fun again.

Positive changes can happen around this time. Think positive and make things happen.

Mercury Retrograde will be around May 10th.

He wrote a book on karmic astrology, The Art of Forecasting with Astrology.


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