My Picks For Cool Tweets About 'The Shadow'

Sort of feeling a nostalgia vibe.  The older I get, the more I feel this vibe.  The Internet is so wonderful.  Because usually when I get this feeling I can search the web and find my memories.  Some of my memories are clear but some are really faded.  For example, I know there was a TV series called “The Shadow”.  But my memory of the episodes are kind of blurred.  I know that in the 90s they attempted to remake “The Shadow” casting Alec Baldwin as the main character.  Even though I’m a Baldwin fan, I never watched that particular film.  View the Official Trailer.

I was able to find some cool tweets though  “The Shadow” wasn’t just a television show.  This memorable character was shared with the public through various media.  It was first published as a series of novels.  Then it was a radio program.  It was in pulp magazines and comic books.  It was also a comic strip.  In addition to being a television series, several movies were made.  Last but not least, “The Shadow” is a video game.

Image credit:  Wikimedia Commons

REF: Charles Coll, Artist



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