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My Picks For Cool Tweets About Country Music

Tweets about country music?  Cool topic huh?  Of course, I was mainly looking for American Country Music tweets.  Two reasons for wanting to publish this post.

  • Reason 1 is because I like country music.
  • Reason 2 is because I found this really cool artwork at one of those sites that has free images and this post gave me a great excuse to share it!

Before you peruse the tweets, I just wanted to share a little bit of humor.

I know Brad Paisley is hugely popular in the American country music scene but his tweet almost didn’t make it into my collection.  Thank goodness I listen to the “voices in my head”.

This particular tweet is about a cop team.  Brad Paisley tweeted about them because he was impressed with their singing.  When I saw the tweet, I clicked and started listening to the two police officers singing.  No sooner than I started listening … the “voices in my head” started having a discussion.

~ Voice 1:  The singing sounds good but …?? God Bless America?  That’s not a country song.  (O.o)

~ Voice 2:  WHAT??  What do you mean ‘God Bless America’ is not a country song??  It’s as country as the National Anthem.

I thought the argument presented by Voice 2 was very convincing.  So the Brad Paisley tweet is included in my picks for cool tweets about country music.  LOL.



What do you think?


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    • The thing that makes me feel good is that the influence of American country music is worldwide. People in Japan like it. People in Africa like it. People in Canada like it. One genre of music connecting all of those diverse people. I think that is so cool!

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