My Apology to Word Quizzes

The word quizzes I have created here are for entertainment, for everyone to enjoy them, for fun so to speak.

They’re not easy to make them especially in finding other choices to counter the right or nearest answer.

For your information I am using the Merriam-Webster online or app. Errors couldn’t be avoided due to our weak Internet connection. Once it’s already published, I couldn’t edit it. But I try my best to correct them once the mistake is noticed by requesting the editor to convert the quiz to draft status.

Just send me a private message in case you find something wrong instead of embarrassing me of my blatant error in your public comment.

Hope you understand my inadequacy. I repeat I am no perfect. I don’t profess that I master those words for I am also learning them.


What do you think?

Written by Gil Camporazo