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Elderly billionaire Philip lost his wife and ability to walk as a result of a disaster. Despite his wealth, he is forced to spend his days in lonely grief, chained to a bed. The nurses do not stay long in his house, Philip does not get along with anyone except his closest assistant, but he does not want to force her to do the dirty work either. At the next interview for a nanny job, accidentally arrives a former prisoner Dell, who has no idea how to care for a sick person. Suddenly, Phillip from all professional candidates chooses precisely him.

The film is an adaptation of the sentimental French drama The Intouchables which in 2011 set impressive records for European cinema. Until now, the tape about the meeting of two opposites remains exemplary in its genre and beloved by the people. The Hollywood version did not take too long to wait, and it was entrusted to the director Neil Berger.

Unfortunately, behind the actor’s ensemble, one can see the colorless direction and a rather lazy narrative, fearing to at least somehow go beyond the original. But, in fairness, the French version on the part of the plot was also not outstanding, and to a greater extent was based on the chemistry between the leading artists. Here, Neil Burger applies the same formula, because why change something that works so well?

The story of how two loneliness encountered and everything was lit up. Obviously, the task of the maximum was not to ruin the charm of the original film and not to touch the plot too much so that everything would not go to hell.

On the whole, the story was simply simplified a little by fundamentally reversing the love line – it turned out to be controversial in places, although the viewer eventually won the shrill scene in a restaurant with Julianna Margulies. Do not expect any social commentary or actuality either – everything that does not fit into a beautiful old-fashioned fairy tale is put out of brackets.

It is difficult to say what exactly the project writers were doing, but they definitely did not try to add something new to it. In essence, THE UPSIDE is a diligent adaptation to the realities of the USA (therefore, some biographical facts of the characters have been transformed) with emotional moments illustrating the friendship of complete opposites.

As with The Intouchables, the film was based on a true story. It, in conjunction with dramatic film receptions, is designed to affect almost any viewer. However, director Neil Burger has stuffed the film with so many clichés that the connection with reality is completely lost. In addition, it is impossible not to notice the scenes that copy the first film.

Interest in the film can still cause a duet of Brian Cranston and Kevin Hart, both on the screen look pretty convincing. And you will see Nicole Kidman.

If do not watch the French version of the film, THE UPSIDE will seem like a good tape. First of all, this is a movie about humanity, a friendship between people from different social classes and the opportunity to change yourself.

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