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Movie Review: Escape Room, 2019

The great popularity of themed quest rooms prompted Hollywood screenwriters to create a massive film-puzzle, the plot of which revolves around the deadly danger threatening the players. This is how the Escape Room turned out, which in many ways resembles other thrillers, but still holds the viewer’s attention.

The film shows six strangers who received a strange invitation to the quest-room. If they accept it, they will have a chance to solve riddles and get a big cash reward. So completely different people (among them – a grocery store worker, a shy student, a successful financier) are locked in the same space from which they must find a way out. They are overwhelmed with excitement, but fear replaces it when the heroes realize that the attributes of the quest are life-threatening, and you can leave the room only by opening the puzzle and moving to another level.

You can’t call the plot of the film as new – it reminds some elements of a horror series Saw, as well as mystery films Cube and Exam. But in the Escape Room, there are still moments that revived the familiar thriller format. This, for example, the possibilities of quest rooms – they differ among themselves not only by visual components but also by climatic conditions. Each step of the heroes can affect the change of location of objects and provoke large-scale destruction.

The viewer does not participate in solving puzzles. On the screen, everything is arranged so that we have no opportunity to consider the clues and reflect on the escape with the characters. This moment fully compensates the pace of the film. Events are very saturated – the characters quickly make decisions, saving their lives. Due to the continuous action Escape Room well holds the attention that is simply necessary for a film of this genre.

The atmosphere of the thriller could ruin a small budget and a bad acting game. But with these points, everything is in order – in the “Death Maze” they decided not to abuse special effects, and the leaders of the emotional tension of the film (actors Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, and Jay Ellis) realistically demonstrated the panic attacks of their personages. Therefore, it is quite interesting to watch the main characters – as they progress through the quest, they reveal themselves, showing character and ingenuity.

The director of Escape Room, Adam Robitel, previously worked on horror films. In this film, Robitel abandoned his usual methods of exhausting expectation, which plunges into nervous fear. The only thing that the director brought in from the horror genre is the tension that is transmitted to the viewer from the main characters and an ambiguous ending.

The final of the film cannot be called a disappointment, it is rather surprising with its ambitious hint of a sequel. In this state of affairs, there are several undisclosed moments (they do not arouse strong curiosity and a desire to hear the news of the start of filming the second Escape Room). In general, you can leave everything as it is.

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