MEET Yuna : Malaysian Singer and Songwriter

Yuna (Yunalis Mat Zara’ai), is a singer/songwriter from Malaysia who collaborated with popular African-American entertainer Usher. Sharing a YouTube video link (below) and information pertaining to an article in TIME Magazine where you can learn more about her. Her vocals are gentle and soothing and at the same time, very impressive because they sort of linger with you long after the song is no longer being sung.

She is a Muslim and her faith impacts her overall style. Although she has just stepped onto the music scene, she is already making inroads into the fashion industry as well, working on a clothing line. 

  • REFERENCE: Lang, Cady. “Yuna Says Modest Clothes and Her Hijab Are ‘Liberating'” Time. Time Inc., 26 May 2016. Web. 27 May 2016. (

Official Twitter:  @yunamusic

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