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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

This morning, for fun, I decided to meditate on my Cats Cards. I decided to copy some of the Youtube videos card readings because the Youtube people do a better job at reading the cards, whether because some might have psychic abilities or they just have more experience and skills at this. But I am doing it for fun, mostly for meditation and inspirational ideas.

After meditating on Cats cards, I decided to check out what this spread would look like in the Osho Zen cards.

I noticed it basically has the same meaning but the Osho Zen card tend to have dramatic pictures while the Cats cards tend to be sweet and cute.

#1 1st 2 Rows…

The top row is the first three cards I chose. It is about moving forward into unknown and risky territories, which will lead to positive results. By jumping into the light and truth, you feel enlightened. The 2nd card is the Wish Card, or wishes and dreams coming true. It is about being successful in work, career, or life in general. But you might tend to feel insecure or uncertain about something, which might make you hesitate from moving forward. You need to go out and explore your surroundings, even if it might require preparing for the worst while still hoping for the best.

I did a second row to further elaborate on the first row, or to provide more insights. First card, second row, has to do with being restless and desperately wanting to make certain changes in your life in order to move into a different direction. Consider seeing the same situation from a different or new perspective in order to help you make the changes you desire. It is also helpful to discuss your situation with similar people and brainstorm on possible ideas. Take note of the steps you take before taking action to make sure it doesn’t lead to negative consequences, which can make you stuck in the rut again.

#2 3rd and 4th rows…

I decided to add two more rows for further elaboration.

The first card, third row, is about not listening to your intuition or inner voice, maybe because you not be trusting your instinct or just not sure. If a situation is not working out for you, then it is best to move on and walk away from a negative situation. It could also mean walking away from a fight, which makes sense nowadays because people are being divided in order to provoke fights for a future revolution. Take another look at your current situation because it is better than you think it is or being told it is. It appears to be happy times for you. Be grateful for everything around you, and trust that you are in God’s Hands. Erase all doubts from you mind, and enjoy the present moment. But you might still be feeling that your life is too good to be true.

First card, fourth row is about turning to God for answers and truth. You have everything you need to accomplish your goals. The actions you take can help others around you. It might also be a good idea to discuss things with others, whether a brainstorming group or support group. The last card is about good luck in friendships and romance.

#3 OshoZen–1st two rows…

The first card, first row is about experiencing life by going into nature. The second card is about living the good life. Enjoy your achievement, happiness, vacation and success for the present moment, before it is time to move on or forward to your next endeavor. You need to be adventurous and explore new places, things or ideas to grow.

The first card, second row is about Traveling. It is about enjoying your journey because it is all a process to learn and grow. It is important to just move around, looking for change and new things, new people or new ways. It will be a fun adventure. Be open to accept and embrace anything new and different because it is the change you are looking for, whether new friends or new experiences.  Second card, second row is about creating a new plan or vision to help you move forward, especially if you aren’t sure where to go next or what to do next. The third card, second row is the Breakthrough card, which means by abandoning old limiting ways, you finally broke through blockage or restriction, and ready to move forward.

The card look very bold and dramatic, except for one, which is about relaxing and enjoying the rewards. 

#4 OshoZen–3rd and 4th rows

The first card, third row is about not listening to your inner voice or intuition. The second card, third row is about struggling to move forward, while being pushed to go continue. The third card, third row is about losing your sense of trust and acceptance of the wonderment as you enjoy the present moment to better experience and enjoy everything life has to offer.

No-nothingness card appears to be when you are stuck in the rut, not sure where to go or what to do. It is best to meditate in silence on this empty black hole, which might involve taking a nap and your answers might come via a dream. The second card, fourth row is about being exhausted with doing too much without taking a break. This card is urging you to stop and take a vacation, or just do something fun. The last card is Going with the Flow, and it is about everything is currently happening as it should be, and you should just relax and move with the flow. Trust God is in charge of your life. Relax and let him do all the work.


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