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Tuesday, 10.20.20

Today, I was waiting to see if the T-Mobile bill for October will arrive. I had called T-Mobile Customer Care, and they told me they will send me another bill for October since I didn’t receive the first one. I usually get this bill during the first two weeks of each month. But, this month, nothing came, or maybe it was lost in the mail. I went 3 pm to my mailbox, and there was nothing. At around 5 pm, I was getting ready to go to this evening’s walking meetup when I noticed the mailman was inserting mail into the mailboxes. I was surprised to see the mailman at 5 pm, which is late. He usually comes around 3 pm. I walked toward the mailboxes, and asked him if he noticed a T-Mobile bill in my box because I haven’t received it yet. He mentioned that there are political issues going on with the mail and postal service, which has slowed down the mail carriers. It is just what I thought. Let’s hope my bill arrives this week so I can mail it right away. I am already going to be late because it didn’t come on time anyway. 

I drove to the Woodbridge Village Center for the walking meetup. 15 people showed up. But most walked around one manmade lake. I did both. I walked 4.9 miles, 11,412 steps, and 1 floor. 

Few people stayed for a snack afterwards. I decided to come home. 

I added three snapshots from tonight’s walk. 2 halloween decor photos and one Woodbridge lake photo. There were more decorations but I didn’t take photos of all of it.


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