Made Soup for Autumn Weather Today…

Thursday, 10.7.21

I woke up in the morning to notice it looked wet outside. It must have rained at night or early morning, but I didn’t hear anything. Maybe it was light rain. I got ready for the gym. At 9:30am, I drove off. 

I did Silversneakers for an hour and treadmill walking for 30 minutes. While on the treadmill, I followed the Haleakala Run video trail in Maui, burning 326 calories while walking 2 miles.

I returned home to make spaghetti squash, zucchini and onion soup. Since I didn’t have vegetable broth, I used water and coconut milk. I added some spices, garlic and herbs.

The TV didn’t work because Cox Communications is working on something. I called, and an automated voice said it should be fixed by 4:30pm. They will also text me when it is fixed. 

The weather will be cloudy all day, and it will rain again on Friday. I am not sure if I am going to this evening book meetup.


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