Luna (tic) University – 5

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In primitive societies, getting rid of unwanted people is a matter of murder or exile.  In our modern society,  we send them to the moon.

Maybe that was the plan all along.  I don’t know.  I know we started with the idea;  “Can humans live underground on the moon?”  and selected persons who had trained for it.   Persons of particular ability, health, intellect, societal cooperation, etc.

Over time as problems were  solved and things got simpler, less qualified people were sent.   And then, it became sort of standard to channel unwanted people into going Luna.

Hundreds of Long Cellars, built  much better than the first.  Hundreds with with bush lined ‘streets’, and plastic Quonset hut houses and lots of little businesses like Bars, and shops and gyms, and  the Earth was able to ship out those it didn’t want.

There were are those who didn’t get the real purpose of the settlements, people who wanted to go; thinking it was a great adventure, or new start or whatever.

They never imaged a Bureaucracy being created of such control.   They never imaged those Government officials pouring in, persons, not interested or able in adjusting to Luna, expecting Luna to adjust to them.

‘Government’ workers came with their families and unlike other Lunatics they wanted civilisation; their form of civilisation.

Soon there were schools for the kids, jobs for the spouses, recreation, and we got Tranquility City; the largest rat burrow in the galaxy.


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