Locke and Key on Netflix

I will not say it is a TV series unless I see if it goes past one season.

I finished watching another season of Suits and this popped up. I wanted to see it, but, wasn’t sure when. Since it popped up I decided why not watch it. I am glad I did.

It takes place in a town of Matheson where the family went to after the husband, father died. It was his ancestral home and it is so huge. The family that is left consists of the wife, two sons and a daughter. The younger son, Bode, discovers these keys and tries them out. He talks to this well that echos back at him and then the person appears. She is very evil. She wants the keys so the older brother, Tyler, divided them up between the 3 of them so the well lady cannot get them. She cannot take them. They have to give them to her.

There is more to the magic of the keys and what they can do. I believe they can also show them some things they did not know about their father. The wife also discovered things she did not know and there are secrets that her husband did not tell her about. The children are trying to figure out what is with the keys and the wife is trying to sort out the secrets. The uncle named Duncan welcomes them and I believe he is also hiding things or maybe blocked them out because he does not want to remember.

I would say it is a hold on to you chair kind of show. I really really like it. It is different from all the other things I have seen. It has suspense, curiosity and also romance in it. I hope if you check it out you will also like it too and want to continue to watch it like I do.


What do you think?


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