Little Prick, Part 1 & 2

Sunday, 8.2.20

Dr. Vernon Coleman explains that little prick’s satanic agenda in two videos because that little pick just cannot stop promoting his devious long-planned goals of destruction. 

#1 Just a Little Prick (Part One)

I clicked on this video because it was titled “Just a Little Prick” to see who this video is about. Bill Gates is that little prick, terrorizing the earth with toxic vaccines, microchip, and eugenics. And, let’s not forget his need to depopulate the earth for the New World Order.

Gates Foundation is connected to Monsanto.

Bayer bought Monsanto.

Climate Change Hoax

Genetically-modified mosquitoes will be released in the future.

Spray dust to stop the sun’s rays, which will most likely affect the air quality, leading to affecting people’s health and might even kill some people.

Digital payments instead of cash.


ID2020—digital ID.

Gate Foundations funds WHO.


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