Insights for 9.28.20

Monday, September 28, 2020

Psychic Predictions: In the next two months, on October 11th to February 2021, crazy things will start happening in society.  Next 5 to 6 months, crazy things will happen.  Race/Political War to break up people into four groups in order to pit people against each other. War between Spiritual people and Heathen people.  People will be funneled toward the New World Order agenda for slavery. Vaccines and microchipping to further control people.  It is important for people to get together and perform mass prayer for the whole earth. People are being pulled down via contaminated food and drinks to make them dumber and easier to make submissive. Between 2025 and 2034, everything will go down.

October 1st has Harvest Full Moon. October 31st, Halloween Ritual Night, under a Blue Hunter’s Full Moon.

All the calendar holidays are backwards and satanic, created by Zionists and the Roman Empire. December 25th is really Nimrod and Tammuz’s birthday. It has nothing to do with Jesus. Easter has nothing to do with Jesus either.

Celebrity Talk: James Woods dates his friend’s 21-year-old daughter. Sarah Paulson is married to Holland Taylor.

#1 Climbed San Jacinto–The Palm Springs Hiking Adventure

The Palm Springs Hiking Adventure

Meetup hiking group in Palm Springs tends to be difficult and life threatening because of the desert heat. Cactus to Clouds hiking trail starts at 480 feet above sea level, which is by the Palm Springs museum. Then, climb a 10,833 feet mountain. There is also a tram ride. 4 and a ½ hours to walk up, and 2 and a ½ hours to walk down. She poured some of her recently deceased son, Keith’s ashes, at the top of the mountains, toward the valley.

$4000 to buy a bench to place at a park for Keith’s memorial.


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