Insights Black Friday 11.24.23

Friday, November 24, 2023, Black Friday

At around three, I decided to go to South Coast Plaza to check out holiday decorations in the mall as well as browse Black Friday Sales. The mall was very crowded. When I parked my car, my signal lights came on and wouldn’t go off. It was stuck blinking. I thought when I turned off the car, it went off. So, I locked the car door, and walked towards Nordstrom glass doors. The mall was filled with holiday wintery decorations. There were also lots of skiing clothes on mannequins at store window displays. I cannot even get into my old ski pants. I think it is a size 2.  It was like walking in a downtown city, like NYC or LA, because the mall was so crowded. I did end up buying three items because they were half price. There were long lines at the pay counters. As I walked back to my car at 6:30PM, I noticed my car signal lights still blinking, which scared me. I don’t know what happened. I ran to my car, opened the doors, and finally turned off the blinking signal lights when I turned on the engine. I hope my car is ok. I drove slowly through the traffic in the mall parking area, which had traffic attendants controlling the heavy mall traffic all day long. I ended up walking 3 miles and 7,443 steps.

Yeah, all the holidays are bullshit, created by the government for capitalism and commercialism to promote stuff to the public as well as to control society. These holidays have nothing to do with any religion or God. For one thing, Jesus’ birthday was in March, and I strongly feel he was a Pisces. December 25th is actually Nimrod and Tammuz birthdays, who are pagan gods that the elites worship. Santa is anagram for Satan, and he also wears a red suit. Most babies don’t like him because they always pee on him and cry in fear; but these holiday characters are created to entertain the kids in the form of fun cartoons. God is everywhere because he was the creator of this earth as well as everything and everyone in it, and God should be worshipped every day because there is no special day to worship God.

Yeah, I was aware that Tina Lousie and Doris Day were satanists, as well as Sammy Davis Jr, and many others.

Susan Sarandon, Melissa Barrera, and Jenna Ortega were fired by their agency because they are Pro Palestinians, and the media is Zionist-infested—they don’t like celebrities who don’t promote their Zionist agendas. Yeah, I agree that Julia Roberts is a fucktard and weird looking, paid to promote garbage to the public. Who is actually listening to this old battleax?


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