Insights 1.5.24

Friday, January 5, 2024

Today, I decided to go to Supercuts to get a haircut into a one-length short bob. Then, I stopped at Trader Joe’s to get some groceries, before going to a walking meetup at six. I ended up walking 4.1 miles and 12,368.

Katt Williams, The Island, Miami Live

Epstein List—Stephen Hawkins, Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson, Katt Williams, Al Gore, etc.

Al Gore was caught with a suitcase filled blood vials. Adrenochrome?

Christopher Reeves and Stephen Hawkins? Christopher’s wife died of cancer right after his death.

Project Blue Beam—in which they will try to promote the alien shit. Pretend alien invasion.

The Rock wants to run for president? Who is going to vote for him after the shit he pulled with Oprah to get people’s money? Julia Roberts promotes bullshit to the public?

The missing children in Maui are still missing? Some were stolen. I am sure Oprah and celebrities know. The missing kids are like used in child trafficking to celebrities.

Josh Green, Gov of Hawaii, the police chief who is also the coroner, and the whole group is corrupt. The intentional manmade DEW disaster in Maui was for a land grab, similar to what is currently going on in Palestine by Zionist Israel, and what happened to native Americans, indigenous Canadians, and indigenous Australians.

Demonic energy or entity needs to hide behind a human body. The sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie, really means I Dream of Jinn, or I Dream of a Demon. The sitcom, Bewitched, is about an interracial couple—mortal human man and a witch immortal woman who is trying to infiltrate into human society to pretend to be normal. The sitcom was all about normalizing witches and satanic acts into society.

Period Blood is a form of Black Magick to conjure up demons.

Haiti children for pedophilia and adrenochrome.

The movies, Dr. Sleep and Death Becomes Her are about adrenochrome and sucking young people’s life form by aging people as a form of fountain of youth. Black kids give them more power.


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